OWB CZ P-01 Holster (Dinnerbell Leather)

Dinnerbell Leather
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Our newest arrival: Dinnerbell leather holsters! 

  • Firearm:              CZ P-01 (Including Omega)
  • Orientation:        Right Handed Only
  • Color:                  Standard Brown/Black


  • Made with premium full grain American Veg-Tanned leather
  • Hard-molded and hand-boned for optimal fit and retention
  • Reinforced mouth to prevent collapse
  • Compact and concealable design
  • Full acrylic clear coating
  • Minimum maintenance 


Dinnerbell Leather holsters are handmade hard-molded holsters, designed by experienced world-class holstersmith, Caleb Koller of Bitterroot Gunleather, and produced by a small team of leather craftsmen. They use American veg-tanned leather which has always been the trusted choice of material for gunleather. Dinnerbell holsters are model-specific, molded and hand boned for optimal retention and security. These holsters require minimum maintenance and should never be oiled as this will cause your holster to soften and lose its rigidity, which is necessary for retention. The proven design of Dinnerbell holsters considers function, comfort and concealability in the single-wing holster style. The weight of the handgun rests on a wide leather tunnel behind the frame and slide, while the slot underneath the grip maintains balance and cant, and also pulls the grip into the body to prevent the grip from pushing out on clothing or "printing". Dinnerbell holsters are designed to fit standard pistol models with standard sights and controls. Though some options such as optics or suppressor ready setups may function with some Dinnerbell holsters, the holsters are not designed with those options in mind. Dinnerbell holsters are specifically designed to be used with a standard 1.5” wide gun-belt. Dinnerbell holsters are finished with a clear acrylic coating, both on the inside and outside of the holster. This will help repel moisture from the holster and extend the life of your holster. Leather holsters do have a life span and should be retired from use after they lose rigidity, as function and safety diminishes as the holster ages and softens. You can prolong the life of your holster with simple maintenance and care, such as storing empty in a dry space when not in use and keeping it from being squeezed or folded or bent when empty.


These ship via USPS First Class in a padded envelope that including tracking.