• Why does the Checkout page show tax is being charged? Sales Tax is charged if you live in the state of Kansas. If you live outside of Kansas, once you input your shipping info, the tax will be removed.


  • Can I use a light bearing holster without the light? No. Most light bearing holsters get their retention from the light itself, and such will not work without the light attached.


  • Do you offer a Military, Veteran or Law Enforcement discount? Yes. We offer a Military, Veteran, Law Enforcement and First Responder discount of 10% off. Use code "HERO" at checkout. This coupon code does not work on Gun Parts or Swag items.


  • Do you ship internationally? Yes, for holsters and other gear. Send us a message or email for international orders. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot ship gun parts internationally.


  • When will my order ship? Orders are completed on a first come first serve basis, but multiple orders for the same gun/light combo are completed at once in a batch. Because of this, orders don't always ship in the first come first server order. See the home page for the current lead time. Note that orders from The Custom Shop are subjected to longer lead times than QuickShip items


  • Will your holsters wear the finish on my gun? Just like any other holster, there is a good chance of your firearm getting wear on it. This is normal from drawing and re-holstering. We do apply a light coat of Quick Draw Holster Lubricant to every holster. This will last awhile. You can also use Rem Oil, CLP or cooking spray.


  • Do I HAVE to apply the Vibra-Tite? We HIGHLY recommend that it is applied to ALL screws on the holster. This keeps the screws from backing out. It is not like red Loctite. After it is applied, the screws can still be adjusted.