Olight PL-Mini!

Olight PL-Mini!

Olight PL-Mini tooling is here! These have been received, prepped and test fitted! Custom orders in the backlog are now being produced for these combos:

•CZ P01 w/ Olight PL-Mini

•CZ P07/P09 w/ Olight PL-Mini

•CZ P10C w/ Olight PL-Mini 

In addition to the PL-Mini, we also now have molds for the Olight PL2 Valkyrie, a full sized light that fits nicely on full size pistols as well as compacts.

•CZ P07/P09 w/ Olight PL2 Valkyrie 

•CZ P10C w/ Olight PL2 Valkyrie 

Also to clear up some recently asked questions about tooling: there are two different ways that we produce holsters. 

The "old way" is using foam and sheer force, or pressure. This method requires we have a "full" mold of the gun; basically a replica blue gun or mold designed for holster making. If making a light bearing holster, this method requires ALOT of extra work. Molds have to be "blocked" and prepped so that the firearm and light can go in and out smoothly, yet be retained. This method also takes alot of time. 

The "new way" is using a vacuum to suck the hot kydex onto a "split mold". What's a split mold? It's basically a firearm, split into two halves, sitting next to each other. This method is much more efficient, but the downside is the availability of molds. It takes someone with a CNC router or mill to first digitally draw the mold, and then produce it out of aluminum or other raw materials. There just aren't as many businesses producing these types of molds. Now ss you can imagine, these are much more expensive as well. 

Of course we are always looking to upgrade to this new method for the guns and gun/light combos that we do the most of. So now hopefully you can see why we get so excited about new tooling! 

Check out some pics below of some P01/Olight PL-Mini holsters we did this weekend!