AIWB Muzzle Pad

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Now offering the AIWB Muzzle Pad 

*These will be replacing our current "built in AIWB wedges" that are offered on our IWB holsters


This muzzle pad is an injection molded foam pad shaped to work with most users on a service pistol sized holster.  The pad is installed on the back side, between the wearer and the holster, to position the muzzle outward and fine tune comfort and contact of the holster with the body.

Ships with (2) 1" x 4" strips of loop Velcro®




1. Determine where on the holster you want the pad to be placed

2. Use alcohol to wipe off the area of the holster where the Velcro tape will adhere

3. Apply the sticky side of the tape to the appropriate area where you want the pad to adhere. You can use one or both of the strips. Also sometimes you'll need to cut the strip shorter to fit the holster better

4. Place the AIWB Muzzle Pad where it works best for you



 Note:  The skin of the foam may imprint easily.  A little heat from a hair dryer will relieve most marks.  Regardless, they are cosmetic and won’t create any long term issues.  Once worn a few times the user will wear in some marks of their own on the surface.  This is a small trade off for a closed cell pad that won’t absorb sweat.

Another note: If the pad is worn near an edge and has a lot of flex (most users will do this,) there will be separation of the Velcro and pad. We've noticed through testing, that this will reach a certain point of separation, but not get any worse. This is purely cosmetic and will not create any issues.