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I understand that this Silencer/Suppressor Carrier is not intended for a hot silencer/suppressor. I understand that Shook's Customs will not warranty a carrier due to a hot silencer/suppressor being inserted!. *

Silencer/Suppressor Carrier

See our Silencer/Suppressor Size Chart to determine which size is right for you!

  • Three different sizes to fit the most popular silencers on the market; as well as popular "Form 1" Sizes
    • 1" Diameter (Fits most 22lr silencers)
    • 1.375" Diameter (Fits popular 9mm and B tube Form 1 tubes)
    • 1.5" Diameter (Fits popular rifle silencers as well as D tube Form 1 tubes)
    • 1.5" Diameter SHORT  (Fits the ever popular Omega 9k and similar short cans)
  • Utilizes the popular "MRD" to fine-tune the retention
  • Mounting holes to allow you to use Molle-Loks, Tek-Loks, Malice Clips, Safariland's ELS forks and more.


  • NOT designed for hot silencers. Kydex begins to deform around 250 degrees. We will not warranty melted Silencer Carriers