CZ Outside the Waistband (OWB) (QuickShip)

Shook's Custom Holsters
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Attachment required
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Add a Double Outside the Waistband Magazine Carrier to your order? required


Now available in a limited number of colors/patterns!


  • Available for the CZ P07, P09, P10C, SP01, P01 and Shadow 2. More models coming!
  • SP01/P01 model will fit all variants and skus of the P01, PCR, 75 compact and all variants of the SP01.
  • Molded off of precision formed CNC molds for a consistent and perfect fit; every time
  • Available in both Left and Right hand configuration for some models
  • Will accommodate suppressor height sights and threaded barrels
  • Flared "mouth" to assist in quick re-holstering (not applicable on all models)
  • P07/P09/P10C models will fit with Primary Machine's new Stealth Comp
  • P07/P09/SP01/P01 model allows you to engage the decocker while holstered
  • Will accommodate most slide mounted red dot sights
  • Now available in a limited number of colors/patterns
  • You can easily swap with a multitude of different mounting/attachment options, not just whats offered here. these include: 
    • Blade-Tech: Duty Drop, Short Drop, Tek-Lok, Tek-Lok w/ drop, DCL Combat Loop and Paddle  
    • Safariland: UBL Duty Drop and Paddle     
    • G-Code: RTI GCA 33, 34, 35 and Belt Slide


Models currently shipping:

  • P07/P09 (Right and Left handed)
  • P10C (Right and Left handed)
  • SP01/P01 (Right handed)
  • Shadow 2 (Right handed)
  • P07/P09 w/ TLR1 (Right handed)
  • P07/P09 w/ Olight PL-2 Valkyrie (Right handed)
  • P07/P09 w/ x300u-a(b) (Right handed)
  • P07 w/ APLc (Right Handed)
  • P10C w/ TRL1 (Right handed)
  • SP01/P01 w/ TLR1 (Right handed)


Models in preorder status (no ship date):

  • SP01/P01 (left handed)
  • P10C w/ x300u-a(b) (Right handed)
  • P10C w/ Olight PL-2 Valkyrie (Right handed)
  • SP01/P01 w/ Olight PL-2 Valkyrie (Right handed)


While we do offer some of these in left hand configuration, we don't plan on expanding the left handed quick ship models more than what's on the pre-order list. These however, can be ordered via our Custom Shop.