CZ Concealment Outside the Waistband (OWB) (QuickShip)

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Orientation required
Belt Size required
Do you have a slide mounted optic? required
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Add a Uni-Mag™ 2.0 Magazine Carrier to your order? required
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Outside the Waistband Concealment! Easily hidden under a cover garment.

Designed with a curve to fit at your 3 o'clock position.
Starting at $69 with FREE SHIPPING!
  • Designed for CZ P01, SP01, P07, P09, P10S, P10C, P10F, Shadow 2, 75B, 75 Compact and 75D PCR pistols
  • More models coming, including light bearing options
  • Now available in a limited number of colors/patterns. If you're looking for different colors/patterns, see The Custom Shop
  • P01 version will fit P01 Omega, P01 Urban Grey and the 99021/99041 skus
  • These are cut to the length of the firearm that is selected (If you want a compensator partially covered, select the longer pistol I.E. P09 for P07 w/ comp)
  • Adjustable cant and ride height (By adjusting the location of the loops)
  • Adjustable retention (Apply the supplied vibratite and then tighten the screws to your liking)
  • Open muzzle design allows for compensators (P07,P10,P01,SP01 Only)
  • Will accommodate firearms with threaded barrels and suppressor height sights including the popular Urban Grey Suppressor Ready guns
  • Will accommodate the Primary Machine Stealth Comp (P07/P09/P10/P01/SP01 Only)
  • Will accommodate firearms with slide mounted optics at no extra charge (RMR, Delta Point Pro, etc) Must notate on the order!
  • Available attachments: (Available for 1.5" or 1.75" belts)
    • OWB Closed Wing Loops: Keeps holster tight against body. These are a very secure option, but the belt does have to be threaded through the loops.
    • Speedease Clips: Keeps holster tight against body. These are very fast on and off. But they are not as secure as the OWB Closed Wing Loops.
    • Many other belt loops will fit. We use a 3/4" on centers hole pattern.