CZ Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) (QuickShip)

Shook's Custom Holsters
Current Stock:

Orientation required
Choose concealment claw option: required
Tuckable Version? required
Do you have a slide mounted optic? required
Add a Uni-Mag™ to your order? required
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A dedicated appendix carry holster specifically designed for CZ P01, P07, P09 and P10C pistols.
-Only available in black at this time.
-Molded in concealment wedge on the body side to push the muzzle end of the firearm out and away from your body. (Helps with printing)
-P01 version will fit P01 Omega, 99021/99041 as well as the 75 Compact and 75D Compact PCR)
-Both the P07/P09 version is equal to the length of the P09. We've found that this extra length, when using the P07, helps with comfort.
-Non-Tuckable version features double "pull-the-dot" soft loops. Fits belts from 1.25" to 2"
-Tuckable version features an overhook. Fits 1.5" or 1.75" (Please add a comment if you would like the 1.75" overhook)
-Adjustable for ride height and cant.
-Retention is non-adjustable.
-Full sweat guard and open muzzle design
-Will accommodate firearms with threaded barrels and suppressor height sights.
-Will accomodate the Primary Machine Stealth Comp (P07/P09/P10 Only)
-Available with or without the concealment claw (Tucks the grip of the firearm into your body to prevent printing)
-Light bearing models only work with the new ModWing claw

Models currently shipping:

  •    P07/P09 (Right and Left handed)
  •    P10C (Right and Left handed)
  •    P01 (Right handed)
  •    P07/P09 w/ TLR1 (Right handed)
  •    P10C w/ TRL7 (Right handed)


Models in preorder status (no ship date):

  •    P01 (Left handed)
  •    P10C w/ TLR1 (Right handed)
  •    P10C w/ Olight PL-Mini (Right handed)
  •    P10C w/ APLc (Right handed)
  •    P07/P09 w/ Olight PL-Mini (Right handed)
  •    P07/P09 w/ APLc (Right handed)
  •    P07/P09 w/ TLR7 (Right handed)
  •    P01 w/ TRL1 (Right handed)
  •    P01 w/ TLR7 (Right handed)
  •    P01 w/ Olight PL-Mini (Right handed)
  •    P01 w/ APLc (Right handed)


While we do offer some of these in left hand configuration, we don't plan on expanding the left handed quick ship models more than what's on the pre-order list. These however, can be ordered via our Custom Shop.